Irony megaproject Southern Trails

Mega project again highlighted South Trails Council Commission D member Jatim lately. They assess road construction projects along the 618.8 km more and 5.323 meter-long bridge that connects Banyuwangi to Pacitan it seem arbitrary and not in accordance with the amount of technical (Bestek). For before the project is completed, a lot of roads that are already cracked.

megaproject Southern Trails

Commission in charge of development issues it finds damage JLS lines along approximately 100 meters. The most severe damage were encountered on the road linking the area of Malang and Blitar. As a result of the damage, the traffic around the site blocked.

Such conditions are revealed when the Parliament Commission D of East Java on a working visit (Kunker) in JLS Malang some time ago. “Though the path has not been used, but there are some parts that condition has been cracked,” said Vice Chairman of Commission D Mahdi, Friday, January 29, 2010.

It is also disclosed a member of Commission D of Parliament of East Java, Jalaludin Alham. He said, in a working visit in JLS it found many irregularities in the execution of the project. He considered the construction of the mega project is not in accordance with the guidelines. Because, most of the road connecting Malang and Blitar much going rift road. The rift is because there is no barrier on the roadside.

“Implementing projects only focus on asphalting the road alone, regardless of the tab on the street side, consequently many roads were cracked and landslides,” he explained.

In fact, Jalaludin hopes, with this prestigious project of the local economy, especially in East Java who crossed the path can be lifted. In addition, construction is expected to accelerate the JLS also traveling public between Pacitan up to Banyuwangi. “If it usually takes 20 hours, can accelerate to 12 hours if it passes JLS, however, has not been used already cracked the course, let alone used,” he said.

Jalaludin add funds in the construction of the project is budgeted through the budget. According to him, the withdrawal of funds from the 2009 Budget is the first of Rp 11 billion to pave the road along 5.6 km. Furthermore, the budget back disbursed Rp 4.2 billion to pave 1.5 km. While the road is not paved, said Jalaluddin, namely in the area of Blue Spring-Balekambang Malang. Length is about 13 km.

In addition to the above issues, the development of JLS are also constrained by land acquisition problems Perhutani is planned to traverse the route. To overcome this, East Java Parliament Commission D plan will coordinate with the local area as DPRD Malang and Banyuwangi. “We will cooperate with Parliament Malang and Jember for the land acquisition process by Perum Perhutani,” said Jalaludin.

It also asked Perhutani to be flexible in the process of land acquisition. Therefore, the development of JLS is also for the benefit of society. With the mega-project in the south of the community’s economy can also be improved. “To Perhutani not be too hard, is also in the public interest,” he said.

Perhutani associated with land acquisition, a member of Commission D of Parliament of East Java, Agus Maimun said, Perhutani willing to give land to the provisions giving appropriate compensation given land area. “Perhutani ask if the land acquired 100 hectares, 100 hectares also replaced and the land is close to JLS. As for the felling of trees, the forestry asked for compensation money according to the age of the tree,” he said.

On the other hand, it has asked the East Java province to supervise the land has been acquired for development. Therefore, some of the land already cleared and ready to be built cultivated plants back by local people.

JLS reminded the industry connecting lines, so that investors can manage the natural resources in the south, such as gold and copper. “The provincial government could offer cooperation to invite investors by offering the potential that there is in the south,” he explained.

How To Quickly Lose Weight with Cabbage Soups

Want to lose weight quickly, but lazy diet complicated? Well, it would not hurt you to try the cabbage soup diet program or diet. The cabbage soup diet is a diet that is designed for one week in order to lose weight. This diet is a strict diet, because this diet restricts calorie intake. Diet is also a fast diet, where in one week can lose weight by 4.5 kg.

Cabbage Soups

When you run by using the cabbage soup diet, the food you consume on a daily basis should be limited. During a week when your diet, you can only consume cabbage. However, it is also not absolutely you only eat cabbage alone. There are certain foods you can eat to accompany this cabbage soup. Well, for more details you can see a list of foods that you can consume while on the diet of cabbage soup.

first day

The first day when on this diet, the diet you eat is cabbage soup. You can add other foods such as fruits. You can consume fruits in large numbers according to your wishes. But the thing to remember is, do not be eating a banana.

second day

The main menu on the second day remained cabbage soup. But for supplementary food you are no longer using the fruit. In both this fruit is replaced with other vegetables as you want, be it veggies raw or cooked vegetables beforehand. On this second day at dinner, you are allowed to eat a baked potato using the butter.

third day

On the third day when you eat cabbage soup is still the main menu. For other meals you can eat fruit and vegetables without any restriction. But on the third day you are not encouraged to eat bananas and potatoes although in very small amounts.

fourth day

The main meal is still using the cabbage soup. But if on the third day you are prohibited from eating bananas, unlike the case with the fourth day. On the fourth day you are advised to eat bananas maximum of 8 pieces. Besides bananas you can also consume skim milk as desired.

Fifth day

For the fifth day, the food that you can eat to accompany the cabbage soup that is skinless chicken and beef or fish as much as 20 ounces. As for the fruits you consume tomatoes as much as 6 pieces.

sixth day

On the sixth day, the cabbage soup supplemented with skinless chicken and beef is the main menu. If you want to add other foods, you can add vegetables and fish as you ingikan.

Seventh day

The seventh day is the last day for you to run with the cabbage soup diet. Menu can you eat that cabbage soup and brown rice. You can also consume vegetables except potatoes and fruit juices without added sugar.

Well, that’s how the cabbage soup diet. After this diet the weight will come down automatically. But the success of this diet also depends matches people who run it. By the time you are not on the diet again then your weight will go back to normal. Well, to anticipate this in order to avoid the things that you should consider is to maintain your diet to stay healthy and avoid foods that can make you fat again.

Batam economic growth continues to increase

Batam Island is an island with natural scenery so beautiful that Batam Island looked amazing. An island with so much potential, diversity of art and culture, as well as social, cohesive multiethnic harmony with the Malay culture and the local community.

Batam Island was developed as an industrial area since 1971, and in line with the development as an industrial area, Batam Island has three main functions as a center for trade, tourism, and transportation (marine and coastal waters).

Batam Island

Batam economic growth continues to increase and is able to survive in the event of a global crisis that is sweeping across the world, and put Batam as the locomotive of national economic development. Even with the rate of growth ability possessed by Batam, Batam district government then makes a trade zone and free port (Free Trade Zone), where implementation has been inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on January 19, 2009.

In the field of tourism, the island of Batam is a second gate after Denpasar, Bali, for foreign tourists (tourists) who visited Indonesia. Number of foreign tourists visiting Batam reach more than 1.5 million people or about 30% of the total number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

This achievement has been sustained for several years, and now even been improved. In addition, with the development of Batam as a destination for MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition) will certainly make Batam become more interesting to be visited by domestic and foreign tourists. This is supported by contributions and cooperation of various parties.

Various facilities and modern infrastructure that is being built on the island of Batam will continue to be improved and resolved quickly to provide various facilities needed for investors and tourists. However, the rapid growth of the tourism sector and investments in Batam are always offset by increased sense of security and comfort.

Increased investment in Batam, of course, not only to increase employment in the formal sector, through the demand for labor by companies operating in Batam, but also stimulate the growth of employment in the informal economy.

The enactment of Law No. 44 of 2007 which establishes the Batam, Bintan and Karimun as territory trade zone and free port (Free Trade Zone) would further boost economic growth, especially in Batam.

Meanwhile with the developments taking place in today’s era of high technology, information systems become an integral requirement of the corporate world. Right now investors are not just asking about electricity, water and roads, but also information technology owned by Batam. To support these needs, Batam own facilities Centre for Information Technology and fiber optic network.

Model Minimalist Fence Design Safe and Attractive

In the application of a safe and healthy home, a function of the fence is highly recommended to meet the criteria for home security. The main function is definitely the outer security of the structure safe and healthy home. The number of models and types you can get and apply at home or your dwelling.


For those of you who want a guarantee of security for your home, you should start thinking about wearing a protective function of the fence as your home. The function of the fence can apply also to decorate the outside of your house, of course, with a little touch of your creative ideas. Good fence would have to meet the safety standards are good also. Below I will give some kind of fence that you can apply in your residential home.

Some materials and minimalist house Fence Design Model

For this type of fence on this one, it usually takes time to shape it, because materials and models fencing requires plant life as the fundamental design. Utilization and routine maintenance you need to do for this type of fencing. Some choice of plants that you can apply as far as the fence, bamboo groves, clumps of shrubs or other plants like.

The function of the type of fence models of plants other than as living fences can also be a pollution reduction for O2 generated from these plants and also add to the aesthetic beauty of your home seem beautiful and cool.

Model Fence Design minimalist house of wood and the like

For this type of fence with wooden models, selection of materials with a level of durability and strength aspects of wood should be prioritized. Selection of hardwood timber can be your choice here. For example such as Ironwood, merbau and marine resin. The timber will have a value of durability and resistance to weather and temperature were good and certainly endurance and strength.

Fence Minimalist Design Model of iron, steel or other metal

Fencing materials from iron and the like has become common in the manufacture of fence that is safe and efficient. Many choices can you get this kind of fence. For the selection of an iron fence should we choose Gaban with good levels of durability, because iron is susceptible to corrosion and others that could affect the level of durability.

Those are some models of modern minimalist house fence design that can be an alternative option for you in making your home minimalist house fence.

“The New York Times”: Ahok rattles Indonesian Politics System

The New York Times on June 5, 2016 to review the figure of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok. Circulation daily with the second largest in the United States (US), it calls Ahok as a figure that has rocked Indonesia’s political system controlled by the party elite.


Shaken the political system, the daily said, is a family-controlled system of political dynasties, the former general, or wealthy businessmen.

It is said that politicians in the region “held hostage” by the interests of national politicians. In such a system, although superior in the survey, the regional head candidates sometimes can not do much. Political parties generally ask for “dowry” for the nomination and required to finance their own political campaigns.

New York Times called Ahok as a political figure outsider because of his background as a minority of the ethnic and religious beliefs. Outsider status was further strengthened by political decisions through independent channels.

Since taking office November 2014, called Ahok not wait long for “brushing” incompetent bureaucrats and combat rampant corruption. The newspaper writes, the new target former regent of East Belitung it is shaking a national political system controlled by oligarchic groups.

New York Times later quoted Charlotte Setijadi, a researcher at the Indonesian Science program at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Yusof Ishak based in Singapore. Charlotte said, “Basuki (Ahok) presents itself as an alternative figure revolting against a political system that many people of Indonesia.”

“Her courage will help him garner in the elections of Jakarta,” said Charlotte.

The report states, Ahok choose an independent path in order to avoid the same fate as President Joko Widodo who sometimes have difficulty supporting themselves from political parties, namely the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). Ahok referred to reject offers of support from the PDI-P to run for governor of Jakarta.

The report also cites the gubernatorial candidate of the Gerindra, Uno Uno, who said the decision Ahok developed through independent channels should awaken the political elite.

“If the political parties do not get the right candidate is supported by the people, political parties will face independent candidate supported by the people. Political parties need to prepare strategies to attract candidates with the best capabilities,” Uno said in the report.

The phenomenon of “Friends Ahok” are also not spared from the New York Times reports. The movement was considered to have very much helped Ahok to combat political system that has been entrenched.

Friends Ahok reported selling t-shirts, merchandise, and stickers for running costs. The New York Times adds, both Ahok and Friends Ahok has stated separately that they did not collaborate, and only met in person three times.

The newspaper continued, though not a few opposed, leadership style Ahok very bluntly, won the hearts of many Jakarta residents, especially young voters and the middle and lower classes.

This community group enamored with a number of policies Ahok, such as the acceleration of infrastructure development and programs such as MRT Jakarta Smart Card and Card Healthy Jakarta are helping many poor people.

In Election 2012 Jakarta, ethnicity and religion Ahok be one of the issues that used his political opponents. This time by quoting a survey, The New York Times wrote that nearly two-thirds of Jakarta residents do not feel racial issues will be raised on February 15, 2017 elections.

False joint and arthroscopy surgery technology

The framework of our body is built by hundreds of pieces of bone. The bones are connected by a line called persendian.Tanpa joints, the only body part that can move is eyebrow and tongue. The joints between the bones to create a framework can be bent and moved flexibly in accordance with needs. humans have more than 150 joints in the body, which is the largest located in the hip and knee, and the smallest is in the fingers, toes, and ossicles contained in the ear.

False joint

Joints in the shoulder, knee, and elbow joints are examples of strong and often work very hard. However, these joints often experience joint calcification or accident must be replaced. Doctors usually planted artificial joints of plastic or titanium to replace the damaged joint. However, replacing these joints is a very difficult job.

Although it proved to be successful, this false joints received less attention in the community. This is likely due to patients are often hesitant about the process that involves surgery. Surgery is performed to swap diseased joints with joint palsu.Sendi new homemade successfully created the first time in 1960. The author is John Charnley, a surgeon from Inggris.Sendi made in the form of stainless steel balls in pairs at the base of the femur, and a bowl femur bone joints in the pelvic girdle.

Before 1970, if there is pain in the joint, the surgeon must dissect the joint to be able to determine the cause of the pain. Now, doctors have made a small tool that can be inserted into the joint, called arthroscopy.

With arthroscopy, the doctor can see the inside of the joint and see what is wrong in it. After completion diagnose the problem, the doctor inserts other instruments, both small instrument, which can improve the joints.

arthroscopy has helped diagnosing and repair of some of the problems found in some joints. However, sometimes it is too difficult to repair joints that remain to be replaced with an artificial joint.

Pancasila Democracy

Pancasila as the state philosophy, is the basis for development and implementation, functioning democracy in Indonesia. Pancasila contained in the principles of democracy and not the principles of dictatorship. Thus, the political system in accordance with the circumstances Indonesia is a democratic political system Pancasila. Here’s Zona Students will try to present an explanation of Pancasila Democracy is complete. Hopefully useful. Check this out !!!
Democracy in Indonesia is a democracy based on the values contained in the philosophy / ideology of Pancasila Indonesia. Therefore, democracy embraced in Indonesia called Pancasila democracy. Pancasila democracy is democracy embraced by the nation of Indonesia animated and integrated by virtue of the Indonesian nation.
A. Definition of Pancasila Democracy
Pancasila Democracy is an idea of democracy which is based on the personality and philosophy of life of the Indonesian nation excavated from Indonesia’s own national identity, namely Pancasila. Regarding the short formulation of Pancasila democracy, listed in the fourth principle of Pancasila. The formula is basically a series of round and intact between sila sila one with the other.
There are some experts who express opinions about the definition of Pancasila democracy. Some of these terms are:
    1. According to the Encyclopedia Indonesia
      Indonesia under Pancasila democracy covering the fields of political, social and economic, as well as in solving national problems as far as possible the path of deliberation to reach a consensus.
    1. According to Prof. Dardji Darmadihardja, SH
      Pancasila Democracy is the idea of democracy which is based on the personality and philosophy of life of the Indonesian nation, which is manifested as the provisions of the 1945 Constitution.
  1. According to Prof. Dr. Drs. Notonegoro, SH
    Pancasila democracy is a democracy guided by the inner wisdom of deliberations / representative air-belief in one God, the just and civilized humanity, uniting Indonesia, and social justice for all Indonesian people.
Some understanding of the above, it can be seen that essentially the Pancasila democracy a means or instrument for Indonesia to achieve state goals. The state’s goal, as stated in the fourth paragraph of the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, which is to protect the entire Indonesian nation and the entire homeland of Indonesia, promote the general welfare, educating the nation and participate in the establishment of world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice. The essence of democracy is the idea of Pancasila democracy led by the wisdom in consultative / representative animated and integrated with other precepts.

Tips Travel Deals Lombok

Including Lombok island often we dream as the loveliest places to enjoy the holiday, we often hear that the small island of Lombok has some very exotic, among small island there -miami in deed attract the attention of tourists because of the natural environment and is still well, when on holiday there so that we really get to enjoy the natural beauty of the real thing.

Lombok travel

traveled to Lombok using private cars would be more expensive in spending. During this time often the talk issue travel costs of private cars to travel to Lombok is quite expensive, consequently travel Lombok become rare in the interest, the majority of the tourists who are having vacation time is long enough and want to enjoy nature usually only up to Bali, considering the cost travel more minimalist than to Lombok. So we can go on vacation to Lombok with a relatively low cost, please consider the following tips:

  1. Choose air travel, from Surabaya to Lombok, by searching for promo tickets far away days before the scheduled vacation.
  2. Upon arrival at the airport in Lombok, Mataram find travel towards the city, as the cost of travel is much cheaper compared to taxis.
  3. Look for accommodation around Mataram City, in order to get accommodation affordable price, (with the same facilities in mataram cheaper accommodation compared with hotels around the beach).
  4. For access to tourist sites look rental motor cycle that works closely with the accommodation (will little save costs)
  5. If you want to cross to the small islands such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, and so on.choose domestic travel by boat, because the price is much cheaper than the shuttle speedboat, crossing the domestic tariff is cheaper, maybe you will be charged Rp.15,000 per person, if you choose speedboot / fastboot or less you will be subject to tariff Rp. 200,000 per person, (perhaps in terms of weakness with domestic crossing over about an hour long and fill the boat up to 50 people) excess services speedboot crossing only takes 7 minutes and we just ushered alone.
  6. If you want to enjoy an overnight stay in small islands such as Gili Trawangan etc, then choose a time that is not including the day of the summer holidays for foreign travelers, this will affect the price and accommodation rates as the price of lodging, food, etc., there has risen, (becoming more expensive).


If viewed theoretically, there are many factors that cause growth and development of a social problem. In general, the causal factors include structural factors, namely the pattern – the pattern of interpersonal relationships in community life and cultural factors, namely the value – the value that grows and develops in community life.    Changes in these two factors is defined as the main causes of the emergence of a social problem. When there is a change in the pattern – the pattern of social relations and the change in value – social values, then there will be various possibilities acceptance of such changes. For example there are very ready, quite ready, and even totally unprepared dala accept the changes.    Readiness and the unpreparedness of the discrepancies in adaptation in the social environment. If they are largely unprepared for these changes, then comes social problems.    Social problems arise due to the significant difference between the value of the community with the existing reality.Social problems, namely as a process of social and natural disasters. The existence of social problems in society are set by the agency that has a special authority, such as community leaders, government, social organizations, community meetings, and so forth.    The causes of social problems can be categorized into four types of factors, including the following

social issues

   1. Economic Factors

   Economic factors are the biggest factors causes of social problems. The global crisis and layoffs started happening in many places and can lead to crime. The problem driven by the inability of a person to meet their needs appropriately, ie unemployment, street children, and others.

   2. Cultural Factors

   The social problems caused by cultural factors triggered due to a mismatch implementation of values, norms, and social interests as a result of the process of social change and the pattern of heterogeneous society / multicultural. Examples of these problems, such as juvenile delinquency, tribal conflict, gender discrimination, and even the recognition of cultural property across the state.
   Juvenile delinquency is one of the social problems caused by cultural factors. This social problem, it is difficult to remove because teenagers like to try things – new things that have a negative effect as illegal drugs.

   3. Biological Factors

   This problem can arise due to mismatches circumstances that could potentially destabilize the biological condition of the community, like a plague, a new disease virus and food poisoning. Infectious diseases can cause social problems if the disease has spread in the region.

   4. Psychological Factors

   Cult common in Indonesia and disturbing the public even though many have been arrested and disbanded but the cult is still popping up in public to date. In addition to a cult, psychological factors that factor into social problems, namely asylum, weak memory, difficulty adjusting, and others – others.

5 Tips For Carrying On Vacation

When going on vacation, you definitely confusion had to carry anything. But, in fact if you are more thoroughly, items that are not too important to be left in the house. Fill your suitcase or backpack with items that are useful and can be used there. Any items that are not and should be taken? Listen 5 Tips Carrying To Vacationing below.

on vacation

1.Bring Apparel Enough When you’re on vacation,Boat to gili trawangan bring sufficient clothing. Not too little and not too much anyway. Adjust to how long you are on holiday. The important thing is to bring underwear, shirts, shirts, pants and jackets in anticipation of course if a vacation to a cold climate.

2.Communication Tools and Support Tools communication tools such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets is very important. The equipment but can be used to communicate, it can also help you find a travel reference, the latest info and also the location of a place. With the applications that support smartphones, guaranteed vacation you will not be crisp. You should also bring support equipment such as POWERBANK and charger.

3.Leave Goods Bags That Meet 

Either bring a bag or briefcase, you must fill it with a fitting. Examples of items that do not need to bring is a laptop, beauty equipment such as excessive cosmetics, hair clamp and hairdryer. If your hair is already set up, prepare mini vise that you can buy in some stores.


You will not starve if you bring a little snack. Why? Because certainly when traveling, you can buy it in a nearby minimarket. City as the location of attractions that you attended also certainly sells snacks that can fill your stomach.

5.Card-important card
ID card, passport and ATM cards are the cards is important that you must bring. Each certainly has its own functions, such as an ATM card that allows you to not carry large amounts of cash. So, you can shop with ease. It was a Tips Carrying To Vacationing that you can apply to travel to the next destination. Happy holidays and see you!